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LUSH Cosmetics Opens in San Jose!


Hey, Westfield Oakridge Mall! Your place is about to get really fragrant! A LUSH Cosmetics store at is officially opening its doors on Thursday, April 17th. Making all of LUSH Cosmetics’ collection of soaps, moisturizers, and more available to try and buy! If you’ve never been to a LUSH Cosmetics store before, you’ll be impressed by their signature scents and ultra-luxurious products which by the way are ALL HAND-MADE. If you think that’s amazing, wait until you find out that not only are they hand-made, but they’re entire business is against animal-testing, ethical, charitable, and green. Do you need any more reasons to get LUSH from head-to-toes? Me thinks not.  I’ll be testing out a selection of items from the LUSH Cosmetics crew so stay tuned for my upcoming article about LUSH Cosmetics must-haves and must-try’s coming soon!



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