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Mira’s hungry: 2015 Food Plan of Action

I’m not dieting, I’m changing my lifestyle.

Here’s my “I’m hungry” plan for 2015:

Sorta veg
Healthy portions

Locavore: The egg came first… in my fridge.


Our experience with O’o Farms in Maui was really a game-changer. I always liked the idea of farming/gardening, locally sourced food, and fresh ingredients. I can tell the difference between one salad leaf from the other (Love arugula and frisée, hate radicchio and escarole) and what’s in season at the farmers market, all thanks to an obsession with food, the food network, and a 2 year writing position at an Eco website back in the day. So going Locavore/localvore should be a fairly simple thing for me. Though I’m probably not going to completely immerse myself 100%, I do plan on having a diet jam-packed with at least 70% of local produce and to blog about where and what I find to help raise awareness of the Locavore movement. My plan is to have at least one dedicated blogpost or Instagram post using only Locavore centered produce and products. It could be a recipe, my lunch, or local farmers just making a difference. All of which I am 100% already super stoked and excited about. Yiii! For more information on what the Locavore movement is click here.

Sorta vegetarian: I was a vegetarian for two years. I tell this to people a lot because 1. It was a challenge that I’m very proud to have done 2. It was probably the best I’ve ever had food relationship-wise in my life so far. It felt clean, and light, and great.


I really like fish and bacon though, which if I said “nope” to right now, I’d be setting myself up for failure because we all know, the next time I go to Amici’s I’m going to want anchovies on that Cesar salad. Or if I go to NOPA, I can’t NOT have bacon on their incredible, mouth-watering legendary burger. Also, my local butcher always gives me a ridiculous (RIDICULOUS) discount on filet mignon cuts… I need to take advantage of that. So I’m saying “Sorta” – maybe meat and fish once or twice a week. Veg otherwise. If I decide to forego any and all animals altogether, then good. But I’m not making any promises. Just because I know how hard that shit is.

Healthy portions: That 3rd piece of pork belly over rice. Probs don’t need that. Everything deserves a try. Not everything deserves to be consumed and stuck onto me forever. If I don’t think I can burn it off during yoga, I probably shouldn’t eat it.


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