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2015, I’m hungry.

This will be the year I finally have a healthy relationship with food.

I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food. My relationship with food is like that of a bipolar schizophrenic where all of the multiple personalities/voices are constant bickering meme clouds between “treat yo’ self” and “I wanna look good naked.” I’m passionately in love with each plate put in front of me only for the feeling to be counteracted with an obsessive force of self-disgust due to not being able to exercise any sort of self control. (Like, did I really have to eat all three of the pork belly appetizers to enjoy it? Probably not.)

I also just watched a documentary on Netflix about King Henry VIII and how he started out as a stunning, athletic 18 year old king that was a glistening 6’2″ marvel to lay eyes upon, only to grow into a 400 pound, disgusting 50 year old because he ate the same garbage as a teen but without the exercise… And that is when I said to myself, “I don’t want to be King Henry the VIII.” Fat and gross and pitiful all because bad food habits won’t die. (Photo: Left: Henry as a fit, sexy young king. Right: Henry at 40ish and 400 lbs later.)


Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow on what my “I’m hungry” Plan of Action in 2015 will be. I have the main stuff already down, just need to add some deets to it… Or, just stare at all the delicious food photography below… Which are all food I have happily instagrammed and eaten back in 2014. Healthy? Probably not. Delicious? YAS.







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LUSH Cosmetics Opens in San Jose!


Hey, Westfield Oakridge Mall! Your place is about to get really fragrant! A LUSH Cosmetics store at is officially opening its doors on Thursday, April 17th. Making all of LUSH Cosmetics’ collection of soaps, moisturizers, and more available to try and buy! If you’ve never been to a LUSH Cosmetics store before, you’ll be impressed by their signature scents and ultra-luxurious products which by the way are ALL HAND-MADE. If you think that’s amazing, wait until you find out that not only are they hand-made, but they’re entire business is against animal-testing, ethical, charitable, and green. Do you need any more reasons to get LUSH from head-to-toes? Me thinks not.  I’ll be testing out a selection of items from the LUSH Cosmetics crew so stay tuned for my upcoming article about LUSH Cosmetics must-haves and must-try’s coming soon!



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20 Things Oprah Wants You To Ask Yourself


In the latest addition to Oprah magazine (April 2014) one of Oprah’s cover articles is “20 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself Today.” My whole obsession with self-improvement and my inability to not impulse-buy magazines in the grocery check out aisle, made me swipe it off the racks. For those of you with the capability to actually not buy these instantly gratifying glossy paper-printed materials and also have a healthy obsession to become better people, I’ve taken the liberty of writing them all down for you on this blog – because, I agree. You should at least ask yourselves these questions at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Do I examine my life enough?
  2. Do I care too much about what people think?
  3. Am I with the right person?
  4. What’s your deal breaker? (Relationship-wise)
  5. What do I really want to do all day?
  6. How do I want to be remembered?
  7. Do I say YES enough?
  8. Do I know how to say NO?
  9. Am I helpless?
  10. Am I helpful?
  11. What am I afraid of?
  12. Am I paying enough attention to the incredible things around me?
  13. Have accepted my body?
  14. Am I strong enough?
  15. Have I forgiven my parents?
  16. Do I want children?
  17. Does what I wear reflect who I am?
  18. What am I missing out on?
  19. Do I let myself fail enough?
  20. Why are we here?

Of course, in the magazine there is paragraph upon paragraph of answers to back these up and to help you answer them. Also, bonus questions like “Should you garden?” and “What is your go-to dinner recipe to impress guests?” Which, if you further need to figure these out, I highly recommend buying or borrowing this issue… or I can give you mine after I’m done with it. Just LMK. 😉

Enjoy and cheers! To a world of better womanly peopleness!

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