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So, you’re turning 30…

I’m going to be 30.

3. 0.

And according to the magazine that I just read, I need to “aggressively” start a Skincare regimen that includes a serum and strong sunblock for day and an exfoliating, retinol rich, plumping moisturizer at night. Oh yah, and maybe start some non-invasive injections to avoid the fine lines from getting any deeper and “really settling in.”

THESE LOOKS ARE FADING, PEOPLE! But lotions. Yes, lotions and needles, will be the weapons to help me fight for eternal youth.

I would love to say that I’m a bigger person than that. That I could give a fuck about wrinkles and gravity and oldness. And that I’m really that secure and confident and awesome.

But I’m not.

I’m terrified. TERRIFIED. And not just about growing older but yes, looking older.

Tonight, I’m facing the fact that 30 is heading my way like a double decker, 6 AM Caltrain on a Monday morning. Too fast, too early, too loud, and I don’t feel like getting on it but I’m going to have to, whether I want to or not. Because I’ve gotten this far and because I’m a motherfucking grown up.

And I would love to say that I’ve aged gracefully, am very accomplished, and currently live life quite abundantly. But, three decades later, I have simply just aged and I am still trying my best to work towards getting my sweet piece of pie in the sky.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for the last 7 years and I can’t even guarantee that slathering all that shit on your face that the magazines say will actually help you fight aging and gravity and anything that might steal all of your preconceived youth and hotness.

All I know is that time flies.
That there is always something to smile about.

Laugh, love, and shake off the icky stuff and keep going.

This is your life.
This will be your aging face.
No lotion in the world will prepare you for all the good, bad, and crazy things that you are about to experience.

But like a double decker train zooming down the railroad tracks too fast, too loud, and too soon, you’re going to have to get on it.

You’ve gotten this far.
And it’s too late to back out now.

Everything will be just fine.

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