I like it a lot: LAQA&Co Lil’ Lip Duo


The Product: LAQA&Co. Lil’ Lip Duo (Pinkman and Lambchop)

The Down Low:
Two travel size lip pencils that moisturizer and need no sharpening.
Shea butter add gloss and moisture. The duo includes a Pinkman, a fun fuchsia and Lambchop a staple pink.

The Review:
First off, gotta love the packaging
art work created by up and coming artist, Ali Gulec. If you haven’t seen her original work, it’s pretty bad ass. The product itself will become a mainstay in your to-go case. Store it in your purse or carry-on for a quick lip fix when you need some color or moisture. Does the job and looks good while doing it.



Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt : So Good It Will Melt Your Face Off


The Product: Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm by Cailyn Cosmetics.

The Story: Skin cleanser. Makeup melter. A beauty guru favorite. Deep cleansing. Hydrating.  A concoction of Aloe Vera, Papaya, Acerola (Vitamin C), and Calendula make it a mix that you’ll want to massage in.

The Review:  Awesome. I can see why gurus love it. Whether you’re a makeup minimalist or a full on everyday faux lash-wearer, Dizzolv’it will help wipe of everyday trace and reveal smoother, more moisturized, clean skin. Can be a little oily so definitely wash it off with your cleanser if you’re acne prone. Other than that, you’ll never need to scrub off makeup again with this guy.  Do wish it was cheaper alas it’s worth the splurge and lasts awhile since a little goes a long way.



Apps I’m Loving: Haste, Happier, iCoffee, Wunderlist


Every now and then (most likely on my hardcore weekend party time nights where I’m curled up in bed with my dog, Gustav, and a tube of raw cookie dough, Pillsbury) I go through an app binge. Meaning, I download 50 gajillion (or so) apps and make it like no one else’s business to test them out within the next week or two or more. Why? Because I am a fan of technology and it’s fun. I eventually delete the ones that don’t work for me and rave about the ones that do. This morning, I thought, “Why not write about it?”

Here are this week’s Apps I’m loving:

Haste: Addictive as all hell. It’s like they invented a word game with the crackhead impulsivity of Tetris, the wit of Scrabble, and then (everything else awesome of) Boggle and senior citizen crossword puzzles. For the 21st century crowd. Turn off the sound because the harp like (xylophone?) effects are obnoxious and distracting. Other than that, it’s amaze. Challenge me. Fair warning, I will kick your butt.

Happier: “Why are you so happy, Mira? Is it that new app you downloaded?” Yes and yes. Happier is a a social site. I know. Another one? But this one you don’t have to worry about your popularity levels through fans and followers to benefit. Every time you log in a happy thought, Happier helps you celebrate. Watch the fun graphics of balloons and rainbow fish while confetti explodes. Instant mood lifter. And a nice reminder to “stop and smell the roses.”

iCoffee: The app icon is so cute. So so cute! Truly for the coffee obsessed only. Get recipes, fun quotes and photos, and even the history of coffee in this fun app. If you’re tight on iPhone GB’s, it’s not totally worth the space but fun for those that are always curious about drinkables and edibles, like myself.

Wunderlist: Make lists. Organize them. All under one list. ALL THE LISTS! The most organized and easy-to-use list maker I’ve tried yet. Definitely the simplest. No frou frou reminders, obnoxious sharing options, or glitchy prioritization gimmicks. Just make a list and look back at it, like the good ol’ days of pen and paper. Modern day perks included. My lists are divided by grocery stores, (Target, Trader Joe’s) article categories, (Beauty, Food) and life responsibilities (John’s Favorite Snacks, John’s Baseball Gear, Routine House Chores) so I never forget the important repetitive stuff. Which is just so easy to do.

Stay tuned for the next “Apps I’m Loving…”

Hope this helps,


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Beauty Bohemian Thoughts: Choose Joy


Sometimes negative things have to be avoided or else the repercussions of those words, actions, and thoughts will eat you up until you start believing in them. Don’t. Those lame, made-up, projected lies aren’t real. They’re dumb. Consider the source because you don’t really have to listen to anyone else’s crazy crap if you don’t want to. That’s a choice you make.

It’s okay to choose joy. It’s okay to choose only what makes you happy.

It’s okay to rip off the band-aid and to let go of people, places, and things that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

You have to do it for you. No one else will.

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Biore Wipes: Save Skin Without the SInk


Who falls asleep with their makeup on? Me!

Guilty! For shame, as I continue to try and stick to some sort of resolution where I remove my makeup off nightly. Even on the crazy, exhausted, I-just-wanna-pass-the-eff-out nights. Which, by the way, happen when I am both sober and drunk.

Let’s face it. I’m not getting any younger and I am getting wise enough to know that sleeping with makeup on causes skin to become both congested and irritated from the normal (and abnormal) effects of our everyday environment and activities.

Meet your new superhero. Biore Makeup Removing Wipes to the rescue!


Stash these bad boys next to your bedside, on the shelf of your boyfriend’s bathroom, or in your gym bag for a quick and effective clean that dissolves and wipes off every bit of dirt and all of that stubborn mascara.

No leftover residue. No more excuses. No more blemishes.

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Ride the Ducks in San Francisco

It’s not an actual duck. I’m sorry. You can’t ride those.

It’s that nifty street to sea ride that built to tour the beautiful Island of San Francisco.


Exciting news! We’re going to be Riding the Duck for the Easter Parade around Ghirardelli Square this Sunday. How exciting is that? VERY! And yes, I may be more excited than my 9 year old son.

To celebrate our part in the San Francisco Easter Parade, I have been given the opportunity to giveaway a fantabulous friends and family “Ride the Duck” framily ride for four! If you win, you’ll be able to schedule it anytime before December 31. Just in time to take advantage of the warm California weather that’s about to spoil us this end of spring and all summer… and October. Because, really, we do live in SF, afterall.

I had the pleasure of taking a trip on a Ride the Duck truck-boat contraption last year. The experience was unforgettable and definitely something everyone should try while they’re in this lovely city of cool summers and steep rolling hills. Ride the Ducks gives you a totally unique land and sea adventure to remember. You’ll be able to get outdoors with your framily while receiving a completely educational experience about the city we love, San Francisco. (Duh.) And whether you’re 2, 29 (ahem!), or 200 you’re bound to enjoy something from the experience. Either the mechanical awesomeness of the vehicles engineering, the gorgeous timeless sights of the city, or the historical factors that any local or tourist would totally delight in.

Check out more details of Ride the Ducks here and enter the giveaway by liking their Facebook page (San Francisco Ducks) here.

See you on Sunday! We’ll be quacking away this Easter Holiday!



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Stript Wax Bar: Flash Facial the Stress Away

Want to get gorgeous while having an affordable, rejuvenating experience in just 30 minutes?  Stript Wax Bar introduces Flash Facials! Featuring incredible skincare brands Alchimie-Forever, Juara Skincare and Juice Beauty. It’s a superior selection of three $60, 30 minute facials just for you. Now you have no excuse to pamper yourself and get one visit closer to achieving impeccable skin.
I visited the Stript Wax Bar in Union St. for my Flash Facial. Bare faced and breaking out, once I got in the room, Tatiana gave me a full skin analysis and recommended I get  the Juara Facial for my acne-prone, combination skin. I kind of squirmed and got nervous while she had the harsh light over my face and was diagnosing my complexion’s every flaw but once the lights came off, my hair tied back, and she lay the warm  lavendar-scented cloth over my eyes, all of a sudden, I was in facial heaven. She had delicate fingers that gently massaged and cleansed and to my suprise, there were even extractions, which – I hate to admit – I needed oh-so badly.
She even, said so. “Oh, you have a lot of good extractions here.”  Once the lights completely came off, Tatiana finished the session with a neck, shoulder, and head massage which was exactly what I needed after a long week, month, year of, not just work, but well, EVERYTHING. When the appointment was done, I came out relaxed, rested, and with clearer smoother skin than what I had come in with. What’s even better is that I looked at my watch to see the we finished right on time and I made it early to my dinner date in the Lower Haight that evening. I’m definitely going back again. It’s the kind of experience that I’m happy to make as part of my routine in this now very busy and hectic adult life that I live. And if you’re going to the Marina location (Union St.) I highly recommend Tatiana. She is most definitely the girl to go to.
Find the perfect Flash Facial for you and your skin type below and vist one of Stript Wax Bar’s seven California locations: Los Angeles, Oakland, Lafayette, Palo Alto, and two easily accessable locatons in San Francisco at 1764 union st.  &  439 Washington st. :
Alchimie Forever  Flash Facial – 30 min. $60.00 An express antioxidant facial aimed at brightening the skin while correcting free radical damage. Suitable for men and women. “The origin of Alchimie Forever is based on the need for post-procedure skincare formulated to immediately treat sensitized skin and accentuate anti-aging benefits long term. This conviction directed our brand’s progression as effective yet gentle formulations utilizing the latest in Alchimie Antioxidant Technology, supporting visible results for all skin types, especially sensitive.” – Alchimie-Forever

JuaraFlash Facial – 30 min. $60.00 (My pick!)  Specific express facials designed to target Normal to Dry/ Dehydrated Skin, Tired/ Uneven Skin Tones, Break-Out Prone/ Sensitive Skin, and Oily Sensitive Skin. Using pure, active botanicals such as Candlenut, Rice, Turmeric, Coffee, Fermented Sweet Black Tea, and Tamarind, this facial is luxurious and relevant to the modern woman’s lifestyle.

“Using the ancient beauty secrets from Bali and Indonesia, Juara is an East meets West fusion of centuries of traditional botanical remedies with Western science and the latest innovation in skincare technology. All Juara products are inspired by ancient beauty rituals of Indonesian Kings and Queens, the traditional herbal medicine of Indonesia called “JAMU”, and plants and herbs indigenous to the Indonesian Archipelago.” – Juara

Juice Beauty  Flash Facial – 30 min. $60.00 

Blemish Clearing Facial – Heal and hydrate blemished, oil-prone skin without redness or drying with this revolutionary, organic blemish-clearing system. See visibly improved tone, texture and skin clarity with Salicylic Acid derived from Willow Bark, organic fruit acids, Vitamin C and CoQ10.

Stem Cellular Repair Facial– Experience the ultimate organic innovation with our powerful Damage Repair Facial. Firm, lift and reverse the signs of damage caused by age, stress and environmental factors with our proprietary blend of fruit stem cells and Vitamin C injected into Resveratrol-rick organic Grapeseed.

Find out more about Stript Wax Bar here!

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Smooth Springtime Lips with eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm 2014 Spring Pack


Get your lips on the latest spring themed lip balm by eos. The eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm 2014 Spring Collection is as floral as it is fruity, making it the perfect springtime gift for yourself or someone else. The two-pack is a duo of limited edition tasty treats: Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet.

eos proves that smooth lips don’t just come from a stick,  lips balms that are 100% natural and enriched with nourishing shea butter and soothing jojoba oil come in clever and cute sphere shapes, too! And at an affordable $5.99, you’ll see why all the ladies are crazy about keeping this quick fix for dry lips close by.

This spring, you can easily find the eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm 2014 Spring Collection in the aisles of Target, CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, and online at evolutionofsmooth.com and drugstore.com.

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Biore: Bye Bye Blackheads with Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser


Blackeads are the worst. This cleanser is the best I’ve ever had.

I never thought that a cleanser could make quite the difference until this one. In this funky drugstore-familiar tube is a hardcore, blackhead fighting formula that’s safe enough for everyday use. I don’t think I could ever live without this oil-free, self-heating concoction that instantly cleanses away pore-clogging dirt and oil in just a few circulatory scrubs. Biore’s Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser’s pore-opening warming clay is a whole new thing on it’s own. You can feel the heat start its magic the moment it blends with the water and hits your skin, immediately targeting blackeads and removing even the most stubborn makeup. This will be the deepest clean you’ve probably felt in forever.

Buy it here online at Biore or your nearest drugstore.

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Wine and Dine at The Barrel Room Oakland


Looking for somewhere to get your wine on? This is where you want to go. The Barrel Room is a wine bar specializing in small-production wines from all around the world. Each Bay Area location (in San Francisco and now Oakland!) offers 50 wines by the glass and over 200 by the bottle. The Oakland location has officially begun serving amazing dinners to go with each wonderful wine tasting experience, too. I had a great experience that is guaranteed to quickly quench any girls’ wanderlust and wine craving.

The Barrel Room’s flights and wine selections are ever changing. What’s even more exciting is they have begun the art of curating a tiny little tasty vacation with each guest’s visit simply by taking the concept of Wine Tasting Flights and pairing them with dishes inspired by the wine’s very same country and region.

I went when The Barrel Room’s focus were selections from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

securedownload (3)

As my palettes were seduced with delicious Lembergers, Rotgipflers, and Gamarets, each wine was also optionally paired with plates filled with traditional German, Austrian, and Swiss cuisine like schnitzel, potato cakes, and sausage. Dinner was an array of both hearty and simple servings made with locally sourced produce and influenced with a hint of California-fresh flare by Chef Sam Paulding.

You can, of course, always order what looks good to you on the menu. But, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can select one of their ever changing flights or ask for help, tell them what you generally like and let them select wines to fit your preferences.


My visit really was like a mini vacation for my senses. From start to finish, and with the help of Sommelier Jenny Lemay, I not only learned about the harvest and story behind the new wines but I also experienced the variation of unique,  delicious, and different foods from the country of where the wines had come from.

Be sure to check out there website and stay updated with their latest pairings and parties via facebook and twitter by clicking and liking their Facebook page and Twitter account.

To make reservations and to find out more, head to their website here: http://www.barrelroomoak.com/

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