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Sunday Morning Butcher Run

*in line at the butcher’s this morning*

Stranger Lady: “Whachu finna cook?”
Me: “Breakfast.”
Stranger Lady: “OOOHHHH! Dis lady has her dude stayin’ over. DAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!! DAT’S HOW YOU DO IT.”

I need to rethink on how to be a little less obvious with my whole¬†“Walk of Shame” game.



I like it a lot: LAQA&Co Lil’ Lip Duo


The Product: LAQA&Co. Lil’ Lip Duo (Pinkman and Lambchop)

The Down Low:
Two travel size lip pencils that moisturizer and need no sharpening.
Shea butter add gloss and moisture. The duo includes a Pinkman, a fun fuchsia and Lambchop a staple pink.

The Review:
First off, gotta love the packaging
art work created by up and coming artist, Ali Gulec. If you haven’t seen her original work, it’s pretty bad ass. The product itself will become a mainstay in your to-go case. Store it in your purse or carry-on for a quick lip fix when you need some color or moisture. Does the job and looks good while doing it.