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Mira’s hungry: 2015 Food Plan of Action

I’m not dieting, I’m changing my lifestyle.

Here’s my “I’m hungry” plan for 2015:

Sorta veg
Healthy portions

Locavore: The egg came first… in my fridge.


Our experience with O’o Farms in Maui was really a game-changer. I always liked the idea of farming/gardening, locally sourced food, and fresh ingredients. I can tell the difference between one salad leaf from the other (Love arugula and frisée, hate radicchio and escarole) and what’s in season at the farmers market, all thanks to an obsession with food, the food network, and a 2 year writing position at an Eco website back in the day. So going Locavore/localvore should be a fairly simple thing for me. Though I’m probably not going to completely immerse myself 100%, I do plan on having a diet jam-packed with at least 70% of local produce and to blog about where and what I find to help raise awareness of the Locavore movement. My plan is to have at least one dedicated blogpost or Instagram post using only Locavore centered produce and products. It could be a recipe, my lunch, or local farmers just making a difference. All of which I am 100% already super stoked and excited about. Yiii! For more information on what the Locavore movement is click here.

Sorta vegetarian: I was a vegetarian for two years. I tell this to people a lot because 1. It was a challenge that I’m very proud to have done 2. It was probably the best I’ve ever had food relationship-wise in my life so far. It felt clean, and light, and great.


I really like fish and bacon though, which if I said “nope” to right now, I’d be setting myself up for failure because we all know, the next time I go to Amici’s I’m going to want anchovies on that Cesar salad. Or if I go to NOPA, I can’t NOT have bacon on their incredible, mouth-watering legendary burger. Also, my local butcher always gives me a ridiculous (RIDICULOUS) discount on filet mignon cuts… I need to take advantage of that. So I’m saying “Sorta” – maybe meat and fish once or twice a week. Veg otherwise. If I decide to forego any and all animals altogether, then good. But I’m not making any promises. Just because I know how hard that shit is.

Healthy portions: That 3rd piece of pork belly over rice. Probs don’t need that. Everything deserves a try. Not everything deserves to be consumed and stuck onto me forever. If I don’t think I can burn it off during yoga, I probably shouldn’t eat it.


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2015, I’m hungry.

This will be the year I finally have a healthy relationship with food.

I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food. My relationship with food is like that of a bipolar schizophrenic where all of the multiple personalities/voices are constant bickering meme clouds between “treat yo’ self” and “I wanna look good naked.” I’m passionately in love with each plate put in front of me only for the feeling to be counteracted with an obsessive force of self-disgust due to not being able to exercise any sort of self control. (Like, did I really have to eat all three of the pork belly appetizers to enjoy it? Probably not.)

I also just watched a documentary on Netflix about King Henry VIII and how he started out as a stunning, athletic 18 year old king that was a glistening 6’2″ marvel to lay eyes upon, only to grow into a 400 pound, disgusting 50 year old because he ate the same garbage as a teen but without the exercise… And that is when I said to myself, “I don’t want to be King Henry the VIII.” Fat and gross and pitiful all because bad food habits won’t die. (Photo: Left: Henry as a fit, sexy young king. Right: Henry at 40ish and 400 lbs later.)


Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow on what my “I’m hungry” Plan of Action in 2015 will be. I have the main stuff already down, just need to add some deets to it… Or, just stare at all the delicious food photography below… Which are all food I have happily instagrammed and eaten back in 2014. Healthy? Probably not. Delicious? YAS.







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Hurry Up and Head to The Kathryn Hall Release Party



KH releasae

Napa Valley is definitely the place to be this Saturday! This Saturday, the 13th of September the Kathryn Hall Release Party will be having the celebration of the month. Without a doubt, there will amazing food and fine wine, but there will also be a DJ (DJ Adam Jobe), demo kitchens, a sushi station, and more. All to collectively create a wine experience you won’t forget.  The folks at Hall Wines definitely thought outside of the box by bringing a sushi station, popcorn tasting, custom pizza ovens, and a little more inside of the box with old-fashioned grape stomping. Plan an unforgettable weekend in St. Helena by simply clicking the image above to find where in the winery you’ll need to be and at what time. 

Head to the their website to find out more! And hurry and score your tickets to this yearly, can’t miss event by clicking here.

KHall_Release _2014_Map

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Wine and Dine at The Barrel Room Oakland


Looking for somewhere to get your wine on? This is where you want to go. The Barrel Room is a wine bar specializing in small-production wines from all around the world. Each Bay Area location (in San Francisco and now Oakland!) offers 50 wines by the glass and over 200 by the bottle. The Oakland location has officially begun serving amazing dinners to go with each wonderful wine tasting experience, too. I had a great experience that is guaranteed to quickly quench any girls’ wanderlust and wine craving.

The Barrel Room’s flights and wine selections are ever changing. What’s even more exciting is they have begun the art of curating a tiny little tasty vacation with each guest’s visit simply by taking the concept of Wine Tasting Flights and pairing them with dishes inspired by the wine’s very same country and region.

I went when The Barrel Room’s focus were selections from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

securedownload (3)

As my palettes were seduced with delicious Lembergers, Rotgipflers, and Gamarets, each wine was also optionally paired with plates filled with traditional German, Austrian, and Swiss cuisine like schnitzel, potato cakes, and sausage. Dinner was an array of both hearty and simple servings made with locally sourced produce and influenced with a hint of California-fresh flare by Chef Sam Paulding.

You can, of course, always order what looks good to you on the menu. But, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can select one of their ever changing flights or ask for help, tell them what you generally like and let them select wines to fit your preferences.


My visit really was like a mini vacation for my senses. From start to finish, and with the help of Sommelier Jenny Lemay, I not only learned about the harvest and story behind the new wines but I also experienced the variation of unique,  delicious, and different foods from the country of where the wines had come from.

Be sure to check out there website and stay updated with their latest pairings and parties via facebook and twitter by clicking and liking their Facebook page and Twitter account.

To make reservations and to find out more, head to their website here:

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